CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy" expanding partnership in satellite capacity selling 

Written on 29.06.2020

Based on the instructions of the Respected President on the development of satellite communications in our country, in the second quarter of 2020, CJSC “Turkmen hemrasy” concluded an agreement with foreign companies for leasing the capacity of the National communications satellite "TurkmenAlem 52.0E" and FSS teleport services. These are “Hermes Datacommunications International Ltd” (Great Britain), “Wide Network Solutions” (UAE), “Çalik Enerji Sanayi we Ticaret A.Ş.” (Turkey) and “Big Bang Web LTD” (Bulgaria). A representative agreement has also been concluded with High Conncil Technical Services LLC (UAE).

As we know, the National communications satellite "TurkmenAlem 52.0E” was launched into space in April 2015 and for 5 years, high-quality services provided by the communications satellite have been used by companies operating in the domestic and foreign markets.

Thanks to the provision of high-quality services, the National communication satellite “TurkmenAlem 52.0E” has gained a high reputation among foreign companies, as well as viewers of Central Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

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