TurkmenAlem52.0Е - six years of work in geostationary orbit

Written on 27.04.2021

“TurkmenAlem52.0E” - is the first Turkmen communications satellite built by the French company “Thales Alenia Space” on the basis of the “Spacebus” satellite platform. It was launched on April 28, 2015 from Cape Canaveral (USA). The satellite is located in geostationary orbit and covers most of Europe, Central Asia and the Middle East with its signal..
According to Honorable President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, "the availability of own satellite should accelerate the development of communication and Internet systems in the country, television, contribute to the implementation of environmental programs, improve methods of exploration for new deposits, as well as the successful implementation of a number of other state programs.".
Over the last 6 years, since the launch of the satellite communication “TurkmenAlem52.0E”, CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy" successfully solves the objective of providing high-quality telecommunication services..
As a satellite operator, CJSC “Turkmen hemrasy” offers telecom operators, TV and radio companies and other participants in the satellite communications market access to the capacity of the space segment..
Resources of the communication satellite "TurkmenAlem52.0E" provide ample opportunities for the organization of communication services and digital TV and radio broadcasting, the creation of VSAT networks, broadband Internet access, the organization of departmental and corporate communication networks in the satellite coverage area..
In 2018, CJSC “Turkmen hemrasy” built own FSS Teleport and deployed a VSAT network based on Newtec Dialog, which made possible to effectively use the capacity of the “TurkmenAlem52.0E” satellite and increase the number of users, as well as improve the quality of services and data transmission volumes..
Also, CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy" actively working in the field of broadcasting and offers viewers several packages of TV channels that can satisfy the population's need for the highest quality TV content..
For more than three years, the “Wide Network Solutions” media provider has been broadcasting more than 90 TV and radio channels in Farsi, Pashto and Dari on the FTA (Free-to-air) platform through the “TurkmenAlem52.0E” communications satellite..
In 2020, “Big Bang Web Ltd” and “Aref Marouf L.t.d.” launched a DTH (Direct to home) television platform with more than one hundred thematic HD and Full HD TV channels in Russian, Turkish, English and Uzbek languages..
Along with the 11 national Turkmen TV and radio channels already available on the satellite, at the moment the total number of TV and radio channels on TurkmenAlem52.0E is more than 200..
It should be remind, that in 2017, during the V-th Asian Games Indoor and Martial Arts in Ashgabat, by virtue of “TurkmenAlem52.0” satellite, at the National Center for Satellite Communications of the International Center for Radio Broadcasting and Press, high-speed Internet and timely transmission of audio and video information were provided to all countries of the world. Also, impossible not to mention, that now the CJSC “Turkmen hemrasy” conducts cooperation on the basis of agreements with dozens of the world's leading satellite communication companies..
Due to the provision of high-quality communication services, the TurkmenAlem52.0E satellite has established in the market as an important element of the timely exchange of data between the countries of the West and the East.

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