CJSC “Turkmen hemrasy” is developing cooperation in the home and foreign markets.

Written on 15.02.2021

Based on the instructions of the Dear President on the implementation of transponders of the “TurkmenAlem 52.0E” national communications satellite, the CJSC “Turkmen hemrasy” is developing cooperation and advertisement in this direction. Starting from the first days of 2021 year, the terms of agreements with existing partners, “Chinar Media” (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) and “SatADSL” (Belgium), were extended. In addition, cooperation agreements were signed with the “Axess Network” (Germany) and the “ITV Yayincilik” (Turkey). In the future, we plan to implement mutually beneficial cooperation with these companies.

Also, in order to promote using the digital system, cooperation was established with news agencies operating in the country. To offer the services of a national communication satellite within the country, the is advertising by "Orient.tm" agency in various Internet sources.

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