Cloud-based Service Delivery Platform (C-SDP) provided by SatADSL will be used via Turkmenistan’s first satellite

Written on 24.04.2019

Brussels, Belgium, April 23, 2019 – SatADSL, a provider of professional VSAT services via satellite, and the national satellite operator of Turkmenistan, CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy", have signed a new partnership to deliver SatADSL’s cloud platform to territories in Europe and the Middle East.

The agreement will involve SatADSL providing its C-SDP solution, which is a complete OSS/BSS, carrier-grade, fully redundant platform which allows operators to easily outsource satellite services. SatADSL will connect to Turkmenistan’s first satellite, the "TurkmenAlem 52.0E", and, using KU-band transponders, will provide coverage for Europe and the Middle East regions, facilitating the penetration of new markets.

Batyr Orazdurdyyev, Director of CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy" said, “Due to the versatile nature of C-SDP, we have successfully agreed on this partnership with SatADSL. By incorporating its voucher-based system and value-added services, we can not only significantly expand our market reach but also offer numerous high-quality services cost-effectively throughout our key region of Europe and the Middle East.

“By integrating SatADSL’s CAPEX-free VNO flex services, our operations are not burdened by uncertain investment costs and unpredictable ROI prospects,” added Mr. Orazdurdyyev. “It also allows us to guarantee access to reliable and constant connectivity via satellite in a versatile range of areas.”

Co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at SatADSL, Caroline De Vos said: “By supplying CJSC "Turkmen hemrasy" tailored VSAT data services we are continuing our deployment in hard to reach areas. In the coverage area of "TurkmenAlem 52.0E" satellite there are some areas where we could increase our presence and build a strong business using our experience and reach more people with our unique service than ever before.”

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