REGULATION for the Innovation Project Contest "Digital Solution - 2020"

I. The main goals of the contest

In the prosperous period of our sovereign state, with the prudent initiatives of our highly esteemed President, the program for the introduction of a digital system into the economy of our country has being carried out. Programs are drawn up to attract educated, skilled, skilled professionals to these projects.

Resolution No. 984 of the President of Turkmenistan dated November 30, 2018 approved the "Concept for the Development of the Digital Economy in Turkmenistan for 2019-2025". In accordance with the requirements of the Concept measures were done such as the development of professional and scientific supply of the digital economy, the improvement of the system for training highly qualified specialists in the conditions of the development of the digital economy, and the development of a set of specific measures in this regard, as well as the provision of IT professionals.

In accordance with the adopted concept, there are a number of individuals and legal entities, who base their suggestions on the latest achievements of science world, include innovative ideas, develop software and have a wide range of possibilities for the introduction of a digital economy into the national economy, and are engaged in innovative inventions. In order to launch the new Startups (StartUp) for the implementation of the systems, the “Turkmenaragatnashyk” Agency is holding a contest for innovative projects called "Digital Solutions - 2020".

This regulation determines the conditions and schedule by which the contest is held.

II. General rules of the contest

For projects (inventions), it is necessary to develop new types of web services that will be implemented through the Internet and the software (active systems) to be used on various computers and mobile devices;

It is important that inventions are developed taking into account the following requirements:

Importance of the project, possibility of its implementation into production;

Usage of innovative methods in the development of communications and telecommunications networks;

Economic benefits;

Quality of the invention and ease of use in life (Comfortability);

Design features;

Inventions must be made in accordance with all requirements of the law.

Plagiarism is not allowed.

III. Rules of participation in the contest

Participation in this contest is allowed for both individuals and groups (the number of participants in the group should not be more than 3, and the leader of the group should be clearly specified).

Individuals and legal entities can submit documents of those wishing to participate in this contest.

In order to participate in the contest, it is necessary to have a written application from the participating person (team leader), published information (members), and copies of the passport and the contents of the projects that is going to be presented. It is important that the participants (group and members) provided by legal entities submit the information of the official institution and the contents of the projects that is going to be presented.

Multiple individuals (groups) from the same institution-enterprise are allowed to participate separately, but participants (members of the group) are not re-registered.

Documents of the participants of the contest will be registered until October 1, 2020 by the "Turkmenaragatnasyk" Agency.

The results of the contest will be announced in the building of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan at 143 Chandybil Avenue, Ashgabat city, within the framework of the XIII International Exhibition and Scientific Conference "Turkmentel-2020".

IV. Contest schedule and organizing committee

The contest will be held in 7 categories:

Health care;

Science and education;


Transport and communication;

Services sector;

Medium and small business;

Smart city.

A temporary special expert analysis committee is set up for the purpose of ensuring the expert analysis of the projects (inventions) submitted to the contest.

The overall management of the analysis committee is carried out and coordinated by the “Turkmenaragatnasyk” Agency.

Individuals who submit their project are required to present themselves (any team members of the group participants) and present their project (invention) in full.

In the event that a participant is dissatisfied with the result, the appeal commission is formed based on a general agreement of the leaders; the commission conducts an independent analysis of the project of the participant (the result of the invention) and makes a final decision. If the decision of the first committee is in fact unsatisfactory, then the decision of the appeal commission is considered final.

In the absence of the participant (team leader) on the days of the contest, the project is removed from the list of projects submitted and the participant loses the right to participate.

The first, second and third place projects in each category of the contest were awarded with cash, valuable prizes and diplomas financed by the financial funds of the companies with a share participation of the departmental enterprises and organizations and the Agency “Turkmenaragatnasyk”.

V. Description of the contest

The organizing committee through the media sources will carry out advertising of the terms and conditions of the contest.

Proposals for inventions and registration of competitors will be accepted in electronic version at the website

Tel: (+99312) 98-12-12 / 98-13-13